Radio Wasteland

Words and music by Shellah Garrett

It's a radio wasteland
Turnin' it on
It's a radio wasteland
I'm all alone
In this radio wasteland
There's nothin' on
I need a rock-n-roll song

Flying down the highway in my LTD
Pushin' up to 65
Couldn't wait for five o'clock to set me free
I'm traveling the radio dial…


Pretty far from funky, sorta short on style
Baby doesn't like my car
Good enough for movin' me and my hi fi
I turn it up and sing it like a rock-n-roll star…


Rip-rap, hip-hop, be-bop
Don't stop
But I gotta rock, I gotta rock
I need-a, I wanna, I gotta
Need-a wanna gotta
Need-a wanna gotta
Gotta gotta-


Tag (a la station I.D.): Radio wasteland

© 1989, 2002 Shellah Garrett
All Rights Reserved