This play, a “whodunnit” in one act, is a hilarious spoof of the classic 1940's film noir detective stories.  It has every classic ingredient:  the hard-boiled detective, the big mook with a gun, the ditzy secretary, the paranoid loan shark and, naturally, the femme fatale. Kit Madison shows up in the office of down-on-his-luck L.A. gumshoe, Sam Malloy. Someone blew up her husband, a million dollars is missing and Kit wants her old flame to take the case.  "Seeing Kit Madison again was like looking at the sun during an eclipse. It’s dangerous but beautiful…and you’re dying to take a look” October-November 2003

Richard Reich as Sam Malloy
Shellah Garrett as Kit Madison
Matt Dowling as Nickels
Nicole Becher as Cecelia
Andy Ford as Swifty
Andrew Shube as Giggles
Written by Lori Jablons
Directed by Dan Jablons


“The Fixers”

Two wacky fix-it guys hold a suburban lady’s toaster hostage and drive her to desperation in this crazy one-act stage comedy written by Terry McFadden. Directed by David Bartlett and starring Andy Ford (left), Dan Jablons and Shellah Garrett.
October- November 2003.


“The Taming of the Shrew”

Director Gregory Cohen of Fleabitten Productions sets Shakespeare’s classic romantic comedy in Chicago during “The Roaring 20’s”. Katherine is a headstrong flapper complete with fringe and beads and a Chicago accent, Petruchio (the man who tames her) is the owner of a speakeasy, her father is a crime boss and Kate’s sister, Bianca, is a “nice girl” wooed by an earnest young student, Lucentio, who must disguise himself as a tutor in order to get past the father and into the house to court her. You’ll even find a henchman with a tommy gun and a moll with a thick Jersey accent in this rollicking, rough-and-tumble love story. April – May 2003.

“The Apple”

A surrealistic urban Eve-and-the-apple tale which begins in a utopian garden and soon becomes twisted and disturbing when the apple, which embodies all the evils of the world, pursues Eve in demon-like fashion in order to corrupt her as well. A short film by USC Film School student, Tarek Soliman


An adorable story written and directed USC Film School student Martin Desmond Roe in which an awkward 16-year-old boy is forced by his much older brother to visit a high class call girl. The boy is a nervous wreck and the lady can’t help but burst out laughing at him. Then, feeling more motherly than anything, she helps him trick his older brother into thinking something masterful happened behind those closed doors when it didn’t really.


Too ridiculous!

Aw, what a sweet kid.

Everything will be okay

Gratitude and respect

“Paquito’s Christmas”

December 2002 marks the ninth annual production of Luis Avalos' big stage musical about a runaway boy's odyssey of discovery as he learns that family is at the heart of the true meaning of the season. The cast includes Emmy Award-winning Marabina Jaimes (PBS' "Storytime") and seven-year-old Javier Estrada as Paquito. Winner of the 2002 Imagine Award, Paquito’s Christmas is presented at the 5000-seat Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Opening number: Toys!

Luis Avalos, director and author of “Paquitos’ Christmas”

Javier Estrada as Paquito

Tango 1

Tango 2

Tango 3

Hot Salsa

Party! Fiesta!