December 2002 Newsletter

Wonderful things have been happening and I’m so glad to have this opportunity to share them with you!

Two Feature Films!
Do You Love Me? is a full-length independent feature film written and directed by Michael J. Holland. In this thriller, a husband learns his wife is having an affair. He secretly blackmails her for a million dollars to see whether she will find some way to come up with the cash and, by this action, prove that she really does love him and can be trusted again. In May I will be filming the supporting role of Sandy, the ditzy, TV-addicted, cappuccino quaffing sister, who provides some comic relief in this tightly-wound tale.

Touching Down is an independent dramatic feature about a young woman, Sam, with a tragic past who suffocates under the watch of her bitter, paranoid father. I’m very excited to be shooting, in June, the supporting role of Carolyn, a vibrant and inspirational dance instructor who touches Sam’s life and helps her find her independence. Chris King is the writer, director, and producer of the film. A graduate of California State University Long Beach's film program, he has written six feature-length scripts, two of which garnered attention in such national screenwriting competitions as HBO's "Project Greenlight", Fade In: Magazine, The Chesterfield Film Project, and the Nicholl Fellowship.

The Taming of the Shrew
Yes! I am currently playing the role of Kate in Shakespeare’s classic The Taming of the Shrew. This show is a rollicking good time with plenty of laughs. Set in Chicago during “The Roaring 20’s”, Katherine is a headstrong flapper complete with fringe and beads and a Chicago accent. Petruchio (the man who tames her) is the owner of a speakeasy and Kate’s father is a crime boss. You’ll even find a henchman with a tommy gun and a moll with a thick Jersey accent.
Performances run Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 p.m. through May 10th at the Little Fish Theatre in San Pedro, CA. If you live in the L.A. area, please join me for this, one Shakespeare’s most rambunctious and rough-and-tumble love stories! Please visit for more photos.
Visit or for more information.

I recently filmed a short spot for LIFETIME Television’s weekly talk magazine show, Speaking of Women’s Health, which airs Saturday mornings at 11:30. Hosted by television personality Florence Henderson, the show offers the latest health news, tips and inspirational stories for women. Tune in August 9th and you’ll catch me sharing the benefits of cooking with olive oil, a healthy and tasty alternative to typical saturated fats. LIFETIME is the #1 basic cable network in primetime and the leader in women's television, serving over 85 million households nationwide.

Short Film
Remember The Joy Luck Club, the wonderful novel by Amy Tan and later a feature film? I was delighted to have a part recently in American Seoul, a short film based on what will be a SAG feature produced by Janet Yang who was an executive producer of The Joy Luck Club. I played, of all things, a bored casting director who is just one of many to stereotype our heroine, a second generation Asian-American actress, trying to make it in Hollywood. Grace Rowe produced and played the actress; Jason Moore directed.

Poppa Peccadillo is a short film about a grandfather’s compulsive gambling problem that jeopardizes his relationship with his grandson. I enjoyed playing a glittering and opportunistic casino denizen. I was also proud to be part of such an extremely professional shoot. Producer Mark Dragin and Director Erick Fefferman put together a first-rate film crew (including hair, make-up and wardrobe) many of whom are connected with the weekly production of Fox TV’s NYPD Blue.

I should have stills and video clips on my website in the not-too-distant future, so be sure to check in:

Things are going well in the commercial department too. I’m still auditioning frequently for national and regional commercial accounts such as Toyota, Nickelodeon, AT&T—usually as a mom or professional woman. Here are some different looks. What do you think? Would you not buy something from this woman?

Charles Fretzin Photography    
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Thank you’s

You’ve probably gathered that I’m having a blast doing what I love to do. I couldn’t do it without the support and encouragement that I continue to receive from so many friends, family, associates and industry professionals. I thank you all deeply for that.
You were just perfect for the role when you walked in the door and as soon as you gave the first line.
You nailed it.
Chris King, Director/Producer, Watermark Films

You were audition #98. Your performance was #1 out of 98. Fantastic.
Jason Herbst, Producer, Cinephile Productions

Shellah, you portrayed Kate very realistically in "Taming..." Your anger was real, your eyes sparkled when you were coy, you looked introverted when you were confused and basically you communicated perfectly the diverse emotions of Kate the shrew as she traveled the road to Kate the tame and wise. Your interplay with the other characters was real as you both blended and yet owned the stage. Petruchio was your perfect match in strength of character; you neither overpowered nor underplayed him. The fighting and physical stunts were well done and the kiss generated true warmth. I'd like to watch you again.
Kathy Sweigart, Improv Coach

I listened to your audios [on your site]. Wow!
Thom Severtson, Screenwriter

After exploring your website, I just wanted to say, “Wow.” Great voice, cool poetry (especially “An Invitation” and “I Woke Up Today”) and great songwriting.
Wayne Roma, Tustin, CA