“Shellah Garrett is slinky and sassy; she handles Katherine’s decision to play along and that pesky final speech of abject appeasement with rare grace.”
~ Random Lengths Harbor Independent News reviewing “The Taming of the Shrew”

“Many bright spots illuminate the show led by Patrick Vest as darkly charming, appropriately over-domineering Petruchio, and Shellah Garrett as highly stylized, subtly seductive, recalcitrant Kate.”
~ South Bay Weekly Easy Reader reviewing “The Taming of the Shrew”

Feature Film…

“You should have seen your audition on the tape. When they asked me, 'Who do you want?' I said, 'The one who read last. I want her. She's the one! She's the mom!’ I loved it. The sparkle in your eyes when you said [the line]... And you developed this instant accent. You started to sound South African! It was great.”
~ Iyesha Manga, Producer, “The Backyard”

You were just perfect for the role when you walked in the door and as soon as you gave the first line. You nailed it.
~ Chris King, Director/Producer, Watermark Films

You were audition #98 and we ended there. There was just no reason to go on.
~ Jason Herbst, Producer, Cinephile Digital


“…[S]he is already extremely talented in her own right but she came across to me as being very easily directed. In keeping her the whole evening of auditions, I would give her minor suggestions to be able to fine tune her readings and she took to them with ease and strength. In my opinion, she would be an asset to any production.”
~ Kim Smith, Director, “There Goes the Bride”, Sierra Madre Playhouse

It was a joy to work with Shellah Garrett. She epitomizes the image of the professional actor -- eager to take direction, creative in her characterization, and always giving 100% to her audience. In rehearsals, she was always ready to come up with her own motivation and always able to incorporate my directions to create a well-rounded, intrinsically believable Kate in our production of “Taming of the Shrew.” I would be eager to work with this talented team-player at any opportunity. She is a skilled performer and a generous human being.
~ Gregory Cohen, Director, The Taming of the Shrew, Fleabitten Productions

Shellah, you portrayed Kate very realistically in “Taming...” Your anger was real, your eyes sparkled when you were coy, you looked introverted when you were confused and basically you communicated perfectly the diverse emotions of Kate the shrew as she traveled the road to Kate the tame and wise. Your interplay with the other characters was real as you both blended and yet owned the stage. Petruchio was your perfect match in strength of character; you neither overpowered nor underplayed him. The fighting and physical stunts were well done and the kiss generated true warmth. I'd like to watch you again.
~ Kathy Sweigart, Improv Coach

“It was a pleasure working with you…you are very professional and hard working. You have amazing talent and I know that you will go far in the industry. Good luck.”
~ Charese Anne Mongiello, Artistic Director, The Rose Theatre, Colton, CA

Short Film and Commercial…

Great work last weekend. We transferred the footage on Tuesday and it looks fantastic. When I showed the Hi8 tape from the camera tap to my storyboard artist, he commented upon seeing your takes, “She's perfect...”
~ Duncan White, Director, Trekking commercial, Bulldog Front Productions.

Thanks for your participation. You were great…This will be a great little piece of tape for you.
~ Blain Brown, Director, Fantasia Billiards commercial, Blacklight Productions

“Just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing shoot. You are a very talented actress…and look nothing short of angelic in our footage.”
~ Tarek Soliman, Director, USC Film School

Dear Shellah, I just wanted you to know what an utter joy it was to work with you on Ladies. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment were amazing and a total blessing. Not only did you pull of the part with grace and sexy as hell style, but you were a central part of the ‘company’ as a whole, which I value enormously. I am not often occassioned to write to my actors to thank them for their work off camera, but in your case I feel that it is a must. You helped our younger cast shine, and you even guided me to better results in some cases. As for you on camera work, your performance speaks for itself regarding your talent and abililty. No one who has critiqued the film has failed to mention you in a positive manner. I thank you again for being an utter joy to work with. I hope the opportunity arises that we will work together again soon.
~ Martin Desmond Roe, Director, USC Film School


“As a producer I've been asked to listen to a lot of tapes over the years and I've gotten pretty picky and it takes a lot to impress me but I really liked what I heard —particularly the Lullaby and the John Lennon song.”
~ Tony Rockliff, Record Producer

“Shellah looks very good on stage. Good moves, good voice.”
~ Guy Lindley, Producer/Arranger, Flying Lizard Recording Studios

“Love your voice. Love your style. Love your professionalism.”
~ Tom Little, songwriter/singer/recording artist who has shared the stage with Carlos Santana, Jimmy Buffet, Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears and others.

“You were awesome last night… You are so talented. I was floored by your performance. I said to Stephen, ' Where did she learn to do that?' ”
~ Rebecca Schieffer, showcase audience

“I saw you perform last night. First of all, I didn’t know you were a singer. More importantly, I didn’t know you were a professional. I listen to a lot of music and you were definitely professional —a lot of personality on stage.”
~ Jerry Hines, Jazz Drummer, 10 years as DJ at Hollywood's Rose Garden Cafe

I listened to your audios [on your site]. Wow!
~ Thom Severtson, Screenwriter

After exploring your website, I just wanted to say, “Wow.” Great voice, cool poetry (especially “An Invitation” and “I Woke Up Today”) and great songwriting.
~ Wayne Roma, Tustin, CA