The amazing David Pomeranz is a muti-platinum award-winning recording artist, songwriter and performer. David writes and performs popular music in addition to writing for film, TV and musical theatre.
Thanks, David, for the special dub of “The Alphaboat” for my son!

Denice Duff, familiar to many as Amanda Brown on “The Young and the Restless,” is also a wonderful photographer. She makes the photo session so easy, you leave feeling really really photogenic!

ThetaSound Studio, established by songwriter/composer Randy Tobin, is the place to go for a smorgasboard of technical delights served in a truly relaxed and receptive atmosphere.

J.J. Deleon created to fill a particular need—--giving the singer a demo that is really affordable that he can still be very proud of. JJ doesn't charge extra for the fun and enthusiasm he brings to the session.

Honesty and trust.
What if there were a practical way to restore these qualities to our business relationships, our marriages, even our nations?
There is something that really works. Please find out and help others and the world around us.