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Shellah Garrett performed her first speaking role on stage at the age of six and concurrently began work on her first book (Susie the Sailboat). Her first musical theatre appearance was at the age of seven, she composed her first song by nine and was soloing with her guitar for live audiences by the age of ten. The die was cast.

In the ensuing years, Shellah made and walked a life path that was mapped by artistic pursuit, filled with creative activity and burnished with spiritual curiosity.

School years were filled with community theatre, drama department productions, creative writing endeavors and editing the school newspaper as well as photo club, swing dance, mime classes and soloing in concert choir, swing choir and so on. By the time she reached her senior year, the cum laude graduate admitted that she really only came to school for the rehearsals afterward.

Refusing to follow her mother's advice and "get a good liberal education first," Shellah attended a Professional Actor Training Program in Victoria, B.C., where she was one of nine students to be accepted by national audition.

While living in Seattle, Washington, Shellah acted in non-equity productions and later made a living gigging locally with rock-n-roll cover band The Killer Beets. She was involved in recording two album projects there and also captained The Dickens Carolers, a Christmas entertainment company. The enterprise, which began modestly as one costumed quartet doing approximately 30 performances a year, grew to ten groups, widely popular in two cities (in two states), doing almost 800 performances during the holiday season.

Well, life paths have been known to take detours… In Shellah's case we're talking heavy

But she's back now! She's in Los Angeles! She's singing! She's writing! She's acting! She's creating! Click on News for all the latest.

But the question remains… What actually happened during those dry years? Where was Shellah Garrett? Learn the shocking truth, right here, with one simple click!